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Enterprise technology is a moving target. Keeping up with what's next is a never-ending dance. At Broadleaf Commerce we like to lead that dance. Our technology thought leaders created the most future-fierce commerce framework ready for anything today's enterprise can throw at it.

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What is future-fierce? Broadleaf Commerce's lead architect on what's required to maintain competitive velocity today.

Today's high level strategic approaches to enterprise technology are all hybrids upon hybrids. But it's always the framework that stands in tne middle of it all. Elbert Bautista talks about what makes a framework future-fierce

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The Customer Journey: Telecom companies are jockeying for position as new channels emerge. Who will gain ground?

Telecom enterprises have the tallest technological advancement order. No other industry has more constant contact with their customers. New channels are emerging and leading companies all want to win the race.

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